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Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Launch - 5,000 Guaranteed 3 times a year!

Dusk Till Dawn are pleased to announce the launch of their all new poker league, coming to a pub near you soon!

Here are a few words from Dave Allsop, the Poker League Manager regarding our exclusive pub league:

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself & the aim of the league, my name is Dave Allsop (Dodge is my poker name if you so wish) and I will be your poker league manager, managing the league from start to finish. Along with my team of administrators we will be there every step of the way, this is a unique league and we will be limited to 50 venues!

My initial aim will to be to sign up 50 venues be it pubs, clubs, social clubs, golf clubs or anywhere else where you can play poker and relax in the comfort of your local habitat.

Over the next 5 or 6 weeks I will be visiting all interested parties in person along with promotional packages explaining the way the league will run. Once affiliated to the Dusk Till Dawn League you will be given a lifetime membership and included in all subsequent leagues going forward.

The structures for the league have been worked out by our very own Simon Aces Trumper allowing enough play for it to be a game of skill more than luck, but not having to play deep into the night.

Instead of having to a wait for a whole year to compete in one of our finals, we are offering 3 finals in 2012! In each final you will be playing for a guaranteed £5,000 with over £1,500 going to the winner 3 times next year alone! On top of that we are aiming to put 10 yes that’s 10 players through to each final from each venue, how good is that? No qualifiers, no hidden small print, top 10 from each venue straight through to the final for a crack at the top prize & prize money with plenty of places being paid and all this at NO cost to yourself.

The league will be formed over a 12 to 13 week point based format. The results each week will be sent to me and the team, and we will compile a league table which will be available for you to view online. We will also post a copy to each venue, thus enabling you to keep a check on how you are doing in your venue as well as taking interest in any other venues results!”

If you are hoping to get your local involved, or are interested as a player e-mail Dave on

Feel free to join our Dusk Till Dawn Poker League facebook group for poker league updates.

Posted on Thu, 8th December 2011 by Nicola

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